How to Fix the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4

If you’re getting the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error when trying to send email from your WordPress site, don’t worry! This is a relatively easy error to fix.

How to Fix the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4Checkout this video:


The PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error is a very common error that can occur when sending or receiving an email. This error is caused by a corrupt or damaged email account. There are a few things that you can do to fix this error.

What is PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4?

PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 is a personal identifier used by Google to store and manage email addresses. This identifier is created when you create a new Google account or sign in to an existing one. It is used by Google to store and manage email addresses associated with your account.

If you see this error message, it means that your email address has been flagged as potentially containing personal information. This can happen if you use an email address that is associated with another account, such as a work or school account.

To fix this error, you will need to change the email address associated with your account. To do this, sign in to your account and go to the “Personal info” section of your Google settings. From there, you can change the address associated with your account.

How to fix PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4

If you’re noticing the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error in your Facebook Ads account, it’s likely because you’re trying to use an email address that contains Personal Identifiable Information (PII). PII is any data that can be used to identify an individual, and it’s against Facebook’s advertising policy to use PII in your ads. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix the PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 error so you can get your ads up and running again.

Method 1: Use a PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 removal tool

If you want to remove PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 from your system, you can use a PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 removal tool. This is a specialized software program that is designed to remove PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 from your system.

There are a number of different PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 removal tools available on the market, and they all work in a similar way. The first thing that the tool will do is scan your system for any files or registry entries that are associated with PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4. Once it has found these, it will then delete them from your system.

The advantage of using a PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 removal tool is that it can be used to remove PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 from your system very quickly and easily. Additionally, it will also remove any other files or registry entries that are associated with PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4, which means that you can be sure that your system is completely free of this virus.

Method 2: Manually remove PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 from the registry

Click Start, then click Run. In the Open field, type “regedit”, and then click OK.

In the Registry Editor, expand the following registry key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\15.0\common

In the right pane of Registry Editor, double-click the outlook value. In the EditDWORD Value dialog box, set the Value data to 0 in decimal mode, and then click OK. If this value does not exist in your registry, create it as a DWORD (32-bit) Value with a name of outlook and a Hexadecimal value of 0x00000000 (0).


The PII_EMAIL_2776F13CB4 is a Privacy Error that can be caused by a number of things, but the most common reason is because your email address is being used by more than one person. This can be caused by using a public email service like Gmail or Yahoo, or by using an email address that is registered to more than one person.

To fix this error, you will need to change your email address to one that is unique to you. You can do this by setting up a new email account with a different provider, or by using an alias with your existing provider. Once you have a unique email address, you will need to update your Google account settings and any other services that you use with your old email address.

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